Lhotse Had Puppies !!!

Here are all 5 pups at 9 weeks of age

All 5 pups at 9 weeks, August 6th. From left, Ted E. Bear, Kasey, Boomer, Chamonix, and Chaucer.

Lhotse at 10 weeks  Lhotse at 10 weeks

These are pictures of Lhotse as a 10 week old puppy.

CH Bravo's at Lhotse Summit, CGC and CH BISS BIS Bykhal Rossia Sunshine Special (Bubbles) had puppies on June 2nd, 2006.

Lhotse had a long whelping, but when we were done, we had 4 males and 1 female.

A BIG thank you to Gail Spieker, breeder and co-owner of Bubbles, who spent 2 entire days here with us, and a very long day on our floor helping Lhotse whelp the pups. I don't know how we could have managed without her years of experience, and calm sense of humor.

Since I don't have time to get to my office and the tools I am accustomed to, I can only link to the pictures, so hopefully they aren't too large for most people's browsers.

Decided to post pics that are most recent to the top of the list, instead of the bottom.

August 11 - 13th, the weekend that the new owners came to take my babies away. It was very sad for me, but reassuring that we have placed each puppy with some great parents, and made those couples very happy.

Boomer and Darrel and Gail Koontz
Large size of Boomer and his new mommy and daddy
Boomer takes a nap before heading to his new home

Teddy and Paul and Kalin Weihs
Large size of Teddy and his new mommy and daddy

Kasey and Patti and Michael Emmett
Large size of Kasey and his new mommy and daddy

More pics of Kasey, professionally taken

More pics of Kasey, professionally taken

More pics of Kasey, professionally taken

More pics of Kasey, professionally taken

Chaucer and John and Candy
Large size of Chaucer and his new mommy and daddy

Weekend of August 5-6th, and last chance for a group shot... We borrowed a little red wagon from friends Chuck and Ginger Duffy, and look what we got! Only took about 200 shots to get some good ones. These are just three LARGE pics that are outstanding have MANY more I will post soon. Sorry if these are really slow to load, I have smaller versions, so let me know.

Wagon of Pups
Wagon of Pups
Wagon shot, how many pups?

This picture was of Chamonix - our little girl, getting run into by Lhotse, note the boys concerned look in the background

July 29/30th the big weekend when puppies were evaluated by several Samoyed Breeders, Gail Spieker, Patti & Michael Emmett, Jackie Mason, Karen Key and Sherry Howard.
Thanks to all of them for taking the time to tell us that the pups are indeed all show quality!

And thanks to Cricket Halsey for the following photos!

Mr Blue
Mr Blue in the water pan
Mr Blue
Pups in the ex-pen
During Evaluation
Little Miss Lavendar
John holds Mr Blue
What a line up
Pups outside
They love their ice cube pan
Mr Purple
Nice sleeping puppies
Yeah right!
Mr Yellow the little guy stole the show this weekend!

7 weeks - playing in the mister and ice cubes
7 weeks - tug of war
Lhotse plays with her babies
Lhotse wants all the attention now
Lhotse gives Larry a big kiss

Some pics taken the weekend of July 15/16th (we think). It is VERY hot up here in the foothills, so the pups are enjoying water, sprinklers, and ice cubes.

6 weeks - playing in the grass
This is why Lhotse is done nursing
Mr Purple and Mr Green
Mr Green
Mr Yellow on Top
The little girl
Little girl on her back

These are pictures taken around July 4th by Kalin and Paul Weihs, one of the new puppy parents!

4 weeks - playing
4 weeks - pile of pups
4 weeks - they are so cute
4 weeks - our little girl

Pictures from July 1st weekend, when the puppies got to meet some of their new parents!

4 weeks old
4 weeks old
Mr Blue
Our little girl I think?
John with a puppy
Mr Green
Mr Green was the star this day!
Patti with a puppy
Mr Green
Then Purple was the star!
Purple rests after hard play
4 weeks old
Mr Green in the middle of the pile
Pile of sleeping pups
Mr Purple on his ice pack

Pictures taken from June 20th till 25th

Pups first trip outside, see Lhote looking out in window
Pups eating their first dog food
Mr Green
Mr Blue
Pile of pups
Just random shots
They bark, howl, and play - the blue and checked items are pillow cases with ice packs inside, cause the are hot!
I could spend all day looking at them

So the following ones were taken between June 17th and June 20th.

Pile of pups
Pile of pups
Mr Purple and a toy
A new thing added - toys!
Pile of pups in basket
Mr Blue
Mr Blue
Mr Blue tries to eat the pig rail
They really have grown!
Mr Green relaxes
Denali gets to check out Mr Purple
Mr Green and Mr Yellow - largest and smallest
Both these boys have big mouths!
Mr Yellow

Older pictures below

Lhotse and Pups - 5 days old

Our Green boy - just 3 days old
Our Green boy #2 - just 3 days old
Lhotse and Pups - 3 days old
Puppies - 3 days old
Lhotse and babies -5 days old
Lhoste and babies - 5 days old
Lynda with Lhotse and babies - 5 days old
Mr Yellow is the smallest, Mr Green is the largest - 5 days old
Lynda in the Whelping box - 5 days old
Lhotse and Babies - 5 days old
Our only little girl sleeps on her back
Nose to Nose, Mr Yellow, smallest pup, and Mr Green, largest one
Lhotse and Babies nursing, look how long they are getting!
Lhotse and Mr Blue - 10 days old?
Lhotse lounges on my makeshift bed
Lhotse in her basket of shredded towels

Picture of Bubbles, the sire below.


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